Day 2 of 30 in 30 days - Mountain Height - dark sky

Title:  "Mountain Height - dark sky"  

Second day's painting for the 30 in 30.    Rainy, grey, miserable day out today and so hard to actually make oneself paint, especially as had decided to sort out all the 'stuff' one has as an artist.

"Mountain Height - dark sky". Oil on  canvas 15 x 20 inches.

Really have to sort out all the 'stuff' I have and make room.  So decided was time for the middle bedroom to become a bedroom again - half completed, bed re-arranged, items thrown, items moved/stored - and now a lot more room.  Although do think it was actually moved from one place to another to sort... at least on the way to becoming a room looking like a bedroom.

Stopped,the sorting and ...  out with paints/canvas, paint knife and brushes... and painting completed.


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