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The colours of Perth

I mentioned previously the colours Perth displayed in its glory.      The sea turquoise, emerald, azure, and list can go on.    Decided to take a day and travel down to Rottenest Island, one hour south from Perth, and across by ferry from Freemantle.

Walked from the ferry across to information centre, bought ticket for local bus which takes tourists around the island.  Once fare paid, was able to stay on the bus as long as I wished - and I wished!   Far too cold and windy, and was thoroughly enjoyable as took many photos from the bus and second time around knew what was coming up in order to have the camera at the ready.

Again the wind was up.   Terribly cold and quite a breeze.   The ferry across to the island was fine and a bit of up and down, but... oh my goodness coming back another story.   We went up, down, banged down, rolled and water coming over.   All ok even on a very fully booked vessel and must say was very glad to put my feet back onto hard concrete.   Was told it ca…

Whilst in Perth, Australia ...and my first ever 'paint-out'

As am planning another trip over to Australia next week thought would post something which sort of continues on from my blog on my travel from NZ across to Perth last year.  

Quite a long flight across to Perth if flying straight around 7/8 hours.    Decided to break my trip and flew from Auckland across to Sydney, a couple of hours flying and then maybe an hour or so awaiting next flight to Perth, which was then 5 hours.  Good that I did as long flights are just not for me and up and down to exercise and use the 'you know what' weren't for me.

Arriving well after 10pm was collected by the lady who offered to look after a stranger in her home for 2 weeks of which I was so appreciative of.  A single lady herself it must have been quite difficult to have a stranger in her home - but believe we did quite well.   We both agreed maybe two weeks a bit long and a break in between would have been great, however, having said this, we were a little 'lost' without …

Such a long time absent ...

Having now come back to Blogger after considerable time away.... I cannot believe that five months have actually passed.     It seems impossible, totally ridiculous and absolutely not at all possible - but it is true five months !!!

After my previous postings and participating in the challenge of 30 a day for 30 days, had an opportunity to depart the shores of New Zealand and fly across our Tasman Sea to Australia.   To Perth.    Had never been there to stay, only passed through the airport - it was amazing, fantastic and wonderful.    If you have never visited, then from an artist's point of view it was all those things - colours so bright and clear, with the ocean turquoise, azure, emerald and the rest.    Gorgeous.

Traveled over to undertake a workshop and stayed with lovely lady also an artist, who put up with me for two weeks and took me all around like a tourist (which of course I was). 

Did not wish to return back home - everyone saying come back and live here as best plac…

Last painting - an extra one for January

Last night thought I may as well undertake one more, and make that a real one month's worth of paintings for January.   Yes, know it was only 30 in 30 days, but as we have 31 in the month, well, why not.

Cheated a little on this one, as just could not get a good image from the one I completed, so thought would get out a picture of a painting undertaken quite a few years ago which I had stored and did not like - I took it out again at that time to add more clouds, bit more mountain and light in the water - which actually transformed the oil painting.  It sold just after to person I knew.   

Gallery piece - Winters Snow Waters Edge

Just posting for the fourth day in the challenge of 'post three paintings a day for five days and invite another to do the same' which is going around on Face book.

Thought I would upload on to my blog so can be seen here also.     It is an oil undertaken on unstretched 12oz canvas.

No.29 of 30 Days Challenge - Park at Dusk

Whew.  Another scorching day.   No rain in sight.  Fires in South Island and firefighters are having very hard time down there, with others joining from around the country to help out.

Well... two days to go.    Yes, does say 30 days, however, January has 31 - so shall keep going to the end of month.   This is photo I took whilst in London.  Dreadful... but lost my images - deleted one and by mistake did all of them!.    Oh well, guess we all do this once in our lives and if you have don done yet, just be careful as it just may happen to you - which I hope it does not of course.

Painting No.29.  29th Jan.
Park at Dusk.  10" x 11" Oil on heavy duty canvas on board.

No.28 of 30 Days Challenge - Old Shed - end of the line

This time again painting on prepared board.  Had a lot of boards gessoed over Christmas and all made up ready to go.   A bit larger, similar to the one yesterday (10"x12").  

Took a photo of an old building/shed on the way to the coast after Christmas, and thought I would give this one a go.  Not sure on the colouring for the land, however, it is sort of true to visual, as everything was bright golden/brown with the lime colour green grass in-between.  Am quite pleased with the big tree in background - Macrocarpa.  Care to make a comment on this one?

Painting No.28.  28th Jan.
Old Shed - End of the line.  10" x 12" Oil on board.

No.27 of 30 Days Challenge - Homeward track

Start of the day, again on computer, and then putting everything away which I had left in the van yesterday as was just too tired to unpack.

Again another day without rain, very, very hot and this time very humid, which is something I normally do not feel.  Started my painting number 27 for posting for the Challenge - only a few more days to go, and simply cannot believe one month since starting.   Again, said it before so many times, but this year, my goodness is every day fast disappearing.

Painting No.27.  27th Jan.
Homeward track. 10" x 12" Oil on board.

Again three colours used, plus white, and two brushes.   Tried to keep this loose, slowly getting there step by step, but still have to hold myself back from details and too realistic.  Posted at image number 294 on the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge page.

No.25 of 30 Days Challenge - Matakawau overlooking bay

Missed posting my painting last night (Sunday 25th) as had a huge day preparing yesterday for today, and had the image ready to post a.m, however, had to be up at 5a.m. and out by 6.15am to attend Mission Bay Anniversary Day big holiday in Auckland, where the plein air group had two stalls to promote the Group.

Here is my image (completed yesterday and as said, which should have been posted yesterday, so busy completely forgot to post, as was ironing the cloths for the tables at Art and Craft Shop at 11pm!).   Appears at image 139 on the 30 paintings in 30 Days Challenge Blog.  This is a redo of a plein air work I undertook when out at the Bay.   Thought I would just have another go as did enjoy the plein air one.

Painting No.25.  25th Jan.
Matakawau, overlooking bay 8" x 10" oil on board - three colours.

No.19 of 30 days Challenge - The Three Sisters

Missed posting this last night.  Here is No. 19 of the painting a day for 30 days challenge.

Small bright painting of NZ.  These are rock formations which have been worn away with weather and tides.   Third is no longer there.   Apparently the second upright also may not have long before it also disappears. Back to my familiar territory with this one.

Painting No.19.  19th Jan. The three sisters.  5" x 7" oil on board.

Will place this in a white box frame, with white mat around and will give a modern and attractive look.
Posted at image 196 on Challenge Page.

No.13 of 30 days Challenge - Country Stream

Scorcher of a day today.   About time our summer had arrived.   Simply wonderful to have this at last.   Not a cloud in the sky.  Gorgeous.

Completed this morning - number 13 of the 30 in 30 day Challenge - little stream in the countryside, undertaken in studio, not plein air - too hot for me out there.

Painting No.13.  13th Jan. Country Stream.  10" x 8" oil on board.

Almost gave up on this one, as totally foreign painting method used. However, persevered and think it turned out fine.   Again, a limited palette of only three colours used -  which is the usual for all of the paintings in the 30 day challenge by me.

No.12 of 30 days Challenge - Old Building

Today, the twefth day of the challenge.  No idea of what to paint.  Went through some photographs on my external pc drive, but could not decide.  Then went off onto the web ...

Found a blog which I thought was fantastic which would give me enthusiasm to undertake items I would never normally do, which is exactly what I am trying at present to undertake.   Found what I wanted and completed oil by 9pm.

Painting No.12.  12th Jan.
Old building, 8" x 10" oil on board.

Again,was evening with bad lighting of fluorescent lights therefore unable to do at night, wait till morning.  All now done. As usual a few bits I now can see should finish off but will leave till future to do or not to do.  Really enjoyed painting this one. Probably due to the old bridge and the Sun Inn paintings of last few days, also as result of plein air.  Has given me an enthusiasm to actually 'get on' and paint anything.  Quite pleased with this result.     Posted at image 192 in the challenge.

Work undertaken by students from classes

Thought would post something totally different.  I used to teach oils to beginners at a step by step process and the actual beginning of oils - difference in quality, makes, consistency, mixing colours/greys, tonal palettes, golden rule, notan values etc.    Unfortunately lost the ability to use the premises and nothing is available close to me, other than very expensive hourly basis facilities (including council buildings! - they are the worst!).
During some of the terms attendees undertook Old Master artwork with grisaille and glazing.  Thought I would post a couple of works here.

Below undertaken by beginners, who showed a need to 'listen' and 'take in' everything shown. Although these are not finished paintings, as still require shadows etc, am proud of what was achieved. by those who attended and undertook this process, and each was ecstatic at their completed art (unfortunately images of finished items were not taken - all thrilled with what was achieved we forg…

No.11 of 30 days Challenge - The Sun Inn, Barnes, London

Up to day 11 of the Challenge. This image is little bit brighter in colouring as wished to give very 'bright' look to it, however, turned out a little more bright in photo also.  Feel like a few little tidy ups need to be completed, but guess noone else will see what I see.  If have time I shall do in future, otherwise - just leave alone.    A learning curve for me, as this style of painting is so unusual for me, and determined to keep on undertaking - another challenge.  Oh, and then had left my brushes out in the car, only had two with me (was painting in the dining room as late again) - so... two brushes later and three colours, completed the oil below.

Painting No.11.  11th Jan.
The Sun Inn, Barnes, London, 7½" x 10½" oil on board

Today, being Sunday, was intended to just relax, something which I have not done for such a long time as do not seem to take a day away from art, computer, garden or... something.

You guessed it - this did not work out.   Woke up late w…

No.10 of 30 days Challenge - Panmure Yacht Club

Out this morning with the Plein Air Group in Auckland to Panmure.   Placed ourselves and unpacked gear on waterfront by the Panmure Yacht Club.

Super day, lovely sunshine, bit cloudy, then breeze constantly.  Which was problem as had to keep holding the easel whilst painting.  

Painting No.10.  10th Jan.
Panmure Yacht Club  11" x 14" oil on board.

Bright spots in my garden, roses blooming

My poor garden, this year I have neglected it whereas last year we had some rain and garden was lovely.

The picture below is what my front garden was like last year.  Am afraid not like this picture as at present, grass is very dry and some of the flowers did not show well.  Very dry with no rain for days and days.

My roses have had their first blooming and starting to bud/flower again, probably very thirsty.   Prediction of rain every now and then however nothing eventuates.   Looks like the hose pipe is definitely going to have to be used.

Some of my roses .....

No.6 of 30 in 30 Days Challenge - Bridge at Richmond, Surrey, England

This one a day painting and ensuring I also write the blog up with picture of artwork is already becoming quite a difficult thing to get myself used to.   Being a morning person, need to start painting early, if not - then unable to do so at all.    Today was sorting out bits at home and did not get onto picking up a brush until late pm - and, of course, then needed to undertake a painting for this challenge.   Am persevering and being only day 6 have a heck of a long way to go.

Am giving myself a very limited timeframe on completing each one of these, again pushing myself as a challenge for each one's completion.  Plus to paint so small is completely new to me.

Painting No.6.  6th Jan.
Bridge at Richmond, Surrey, England.   5"x7" Oil on Board.

Today's was a bridge which I had photographed whilst in Richmond, London (my favorite place). Painted with a limited palette of 3 colours, ultramarine blue, perm.rose and yellow plus white of course.

I do not draw first, sim…

No.3 of 30 in 30 Days Challenge - Karaka Bridge

Today the 3rd January, another painting to be completed for the 30 day challenge, and thought...

As I was going out to paint plein air at Karaka Bridge, could use this as my third painting. Super little spot, with deep water, and very fast in and out tides as a small inlet from the Manukau Harbour.  Quite a bright one for me.  Plein Air, studio adjusted as land was so brown and dry looking, consequently brightened up, adding oranges, yellows and greens, gave the sky and water also a bit of a boost - around 10pm.

Small problem, cannot post artwork this evening - tried several times tonight to photograph, however,  camera is not taking a good shot under lights in house, so shall photograph tomorrow - Now 9.00 am and able to photograph, however, has come out a little brighter than painting.

Painting No.3.  3rd Jan.
Karaka Bridge, 10"x12" oil on board, plein air.

Number 296 entry in site for the Challenge. Painted with a limited palette of 3 colours, ultramarine blue, perm.ros…

The start of a new year - 2015

1.   My computer decided it did not wish to recognise me anymore - and oh my goodness...   how on earth have we come to rely so heavily on a machine that transmits information to and thro from country to country, just for us to promote, watch, see, and of course, learn - Found I was quite lost without.  However, onto brighter things.  PC is now uninstalled, reinstalled and away we go again.  

2.  Spent a few days away at Manukau Heads - painting of course.   Ross Whitlock from Nelson (artist down there) visited and stayed up here and out painting in group together.  Picture below.

The new year is here and this is going to be such a positive, healthy, wonderful, successful and all wishes coming true year for everyone.   Positive thinking brings positive results as they say.

Am working on couple of oils, one very large (over 48" tall) and the other smaller around 30" wide.  Will post later when completed.

Been on a couple of trips out and about

2014, 30th December was at Bota…